Colour Creep

Colour Creep


My name is Kimberley Margarita, I'm a Canadian Makeup Artist and I love all things creepy and colourful. I've been doing makeup professionally for 3 years now and last year I started experimenting with body painting and more creative styles. I like to try to step out of the box with makeup and challenge society's standard of beauty. From colourful neon looks to creepy horror and fantasy inspired creations, the human body is my canvas. When I'm not painting my face crazy colours, I like to cuddle my cat, eat large amounts of Sushi and watch bad horror movies. Makeup is my career, my hobby, my therapy, and my passion, and my goal is just to share my art with the world and help others get inspired in different and creative ways they can use makeup :) 


Jackalope Queen Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards 2016 Top 30
Cotton Candy Princess Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards Top 20 Anime Challenge 2015
Broken Marionette Makeup Tutorial | Optical Illusion | NYX FACE AWARDS TOP 12 2016
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