Kristi is a 28 year old self-taught makeup artist from the Pacific Northwest. She began her career in makeup in 2013 when she started recording videos for YouTube. She fell in love with the power of transformation and sharing her education with the world in the form of makeup tutorials. Whether that be dark, sinister SFX costumes or every day beauty makeup, her philosophy is that you can do whatever makes you feel confident as long as you showcase your inner RAW Beauty.


WHITE WITCH | Fairytale Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards 2016 Top 30 | RawBeautyKristi
GHOST IN THE SHELL | CYBORG | Anime Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards TOP 20 | RawBeautyKristi
LIFE IS... | NYX Face Awards Optical Illusion | Top 12 | RawBeautyKristi
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